What I’ve learned about content marketing at Juggling Swords
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What I’ve learned about content marketing at Juggling Swords

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What I’ve learned about content marketing at Juggling Swords

What is content marketing? A question I asked myself when I began an internship with Juggling Swords a year ago, my first experience with an Edinburgh-based digital marketing agency.

To put it simply, it’s selling without the selling and building relationships with your customers through giving them engaging content. Easy in theory, harder in practice.

After a crash course in content marketing from CEO John and our Head of Marketing and PR Nathan I’ve decided to pass on the knowledge I’ve picked up in my time here.

It’s not a sales pitch

At Juggling Swords I’ve learned that getting the best results for our clients starts with their story. Content marketing is all about getting your story out there and engaging the right audience. It’s not an opportunity to give a sales pitch. Instead, to make sure people come back again and again you need to give them quality content they want to come back for.

Trust building

The key to keeping an audience is to build up trust with them. This means making sure that anything that’s published is done for a reason. If it’s relevant, interesting, rewarding or worth commenting on that’s great but don’t just post anything for the sake of it.

Social Media

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter give a business the opportunity to tell the world their story and add a little personality to it too. Utilising social media channels also allows you to let customers know what’s going on in the business and gives an insight to the people that make the business great.

It’s vital now for businesses to make use of this and show customers what’s going on in their world. If there’s something exciting going on in the business, then share it and keep your audience involved.

Importance of blogging

Probably one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned at Juggling Swords is just how important blogging really is. Blogging is a fantastic way of letting customers know what makes your business great, shine through. Whether you’re sharing news about the company, commenting on events in your industry or passing on advice to your customers, blogging is a great way of communicating with your audience.

With social media you need to keep your messages short and snappy, but blogging allows you to go into detail and let your personality show. You get the benefit of a personal touch and the space to show customers that you know what you’re talking about.

Not to mention that producing regular and quality blogs can massively help with your search engine optimisation.

My time at Juggling Swords has really helped me develop my skills and I encourage anyone wanting to enter the industry to do something similar.

Juggling Swords is an Edinburgh-based Content Marketing and PR agency. If you’d like to discuss your marketing strategy for 2018 you can send an email to paul@jugglingswords.com or contact us on our website here.


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