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#bloggergate White Moose Café vs Elle Darby

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Recently another controversy in the online influencer-sphere has lately been gracing our screens. The White Moose Café, a well-known café in Dublin, has sparked a series of online conversations as they publicly denied Elle Darby, a self-proclaimed fitness, beauty and lifestyle YouTuber, a free stay at Charleville Lodge, a luxury hotel – both owned by Paul Stenson.

#bloggergate White Moose Café vs Elle Darby

In an email to Charleville Lodge, Elle Darby requested a free stay between the 8 – 12th of February in Ireland’s capital with her boyfriend to enjoy Valentine’s Day, a hugely popular getaway for couples to spend time together.

She detailed her current stats (at the time) as 87,000 YouTube subscribers and 76,000 Instagram followers. As well as detailing a previous collaboration with Universal Orlando in Florida describing it as ‘’amazing for them.’’

The White Moose Café didn’t take too kind to this and responded by posting this inbound inquiry to their social media pages. They blanked out her name, but it didn’t take too long for the social media sleuths to uncover who it was that asked.

The cafe questioned who would pay their staff and all the added amenities for making their stay worthwhile. Adding, ‘’it takes a lot of balls to send an email like that’’ and adding advice such as ‘’I’d advise you to offer to pay your way like everyone else.’’

Influencer marketing

But what exactly went wrong here? Is it a simple case of ‘if you don’t ask, then you don’t get?’

Sadly, no. One of the major marketing trends this year is going to be the power of influencer marketing, especially through social media.

So, again, what exactly went wrong here?

Answer: little or no research into the audience you were trying to communicate with.

A quick Google search and you can see that the White Moose Cafe owners are not afraid of any controversy and welcomes being in the spotlight for voicing their opinions. Just look at this war on vegans or arguing with breastfeeding mothers.

So, what exactly would you get with a lifestyle blogger from Bath asking for a free stay in a hotel on one of the busiest weekends of the year? Cannon fodder.

Not only has the cafe seemingly been having a lot of fun with the exposure, but they have been raking in the coverage too. It has been suggested the cafe has been featured in over 40 publications with a reach of 120 million, without even spending a single penny.

This has turned into a major coup for the cafe and not exactly an egg-on-face moment for Elle either – her YouTube subscriber list has increased by 16k + in the past five days.

Both parties seem to have gained from this, but has either of their images been dented or trust in their brands fractured? We doubt the White Moose Café would really care as they have now chosen to ban all bloggers, but maybe Elle’s has.

Understanding your audience

Influencer marketing will be big this year. It’s imperative you understand the audience you are communicating with and the audience of which you are hoping to communicate with via the brand collaboration.

Don’t let this deter you if you are thinking about teaming up with an influencer. But do your research and showcase how you can also benefit the other party. Avoid words like ‘free’ and add a dose of common sense, not asking to stay at a hotel on one of their most popular weekends for nothing. Conversely, if you are approached by another brand to run an influencer campaign, then take time over their request, look at their audience and analyse how it might impact you, weigh up the benefits and go from there, away from the social-sphere.

You’ve built up an audience who follow your brand and have trust in it. Don’t damage that for self-gain.

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