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2018 content marketing and PR trends

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It feels like it was only yesterday when we were looking at what the 2017 trends for marketing and PR might be.

Looking back over it, you can see that we fairly hit the nail on the head with most of our predictions (aw, shucks). But the main point to take away from our previous blog wasn’t actually a prediction at all, but more of a comment; that being, 2017 would be a very exciting year for the marketing industry as a whole, and it certainly was!

As per custom for agencies in the New Year, we look at what the months ahead might bring for our industry.

Here are our 2018 content marketing and PR trends to look out for.


It’s no surprise that video content is on the rise and it is expected that 82% of all web traffic will be video by 2021.

Video is crucial to both content marketing and PR practices. It helps consumers engage with your brand on social media and through your website.

Video can also help with your PR efforts. Got a story and want it published? Consider adding a video journey of it too! This helps tell the story more and media publications will love it as it allows them to use the video on their own social media channels. This, in turn, gives your story more chance of being featured.

People are visual beings and we enjoy watching and learning from video content.

Video has to be in your 2018 content marketing and PR strategy as it will no doubt help businesses get noticed.

This also applies for live video as platforms, such as Facebook, continue to favour live videos more in their newsfeeds.

The need for more content

As print media continues to decline the need for more online content grows. What this means is news outlets require more stories than what they used to in order to fulfil online demand.

PR speaking, getting your story featured online is great as there is a much higher readership than print and it is easily shareable.

Take The Scotsman Food and Drink section for example. Online there are lots of interesting stories but only a handful make the print edition; that’s because there is a huge need for content to put on to their website to help retain, influence and engage with their audience.

Content marketing speaking, adding more fresh content to your own website helps attract and retain your own audience. Keep them entertained and influence them with your content – from this they are more likely to engage and enquire about your business.

Start working on your 2018 content marketing and PR content now!

Integrated media

We mentioned last year about the growing relationship between marketing and PR with SEO. This year will be no different.

We have to make sure that our content works well with Google, our audiences and other media outlets. It’s a challenge, but a fun challenge that not only helps test, but also allows us to experiment with our writing.

Additionally, we have to consider the challenge of integration with shared, paid and owned media to achieve ultimate media success. Campaigns will require mutli-channel marketing strategies to help get our clients the best results they desire. Thankfully, we have the skills to help combat this – perhaps running a targeted Facebook ad campaign alongside a press release and video? This is just an example of how to juggle multiple approaches.

The social media landscape

This isn’t so much a prediction, but more of an observation.

This year we witnessed Twitter upping their character limit and we also commented on Facebook’s new multi-feed trial – it’s worthwhile keeping an eye on these two giants as they continuously look to innovate and retain audiences. Not to mention Instagram – these guys are climbing insanely fast, more so with the introduction of Instagram stories.

In December our Nathan headed down to DigiPublish in London where he listened to speakers from Forbes, The Economist and Vanity Fair (to name but a few). It’s worth noting that they all spoke about the importance of social media for interacting with their audiences, but also using it as a platform for pushing out their own content and watching the engagement thereafter.

It’s crucial we stay on top of these social media giants but always remain true to our client’s tone and key messages. The last thing we, as marketing and PR professionals, need to do is to sour our audience’s mindsets and tarnish that hard-fought trust in our client’s brands.

It’s time to kick-start your 2018 content marketing and PR strategy by taking it to the next level! Sound good? Then contact a member of the team here, or, alternatively, give the office a call on 0131 629 2728





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