The battle of the Christmas adverts 2017: Christmas advert review
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The battle of the Christmas adverts 2017

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Once again the heavyweights of Christmas advertising are battling it out for supremacy – but who comes out on top?

This year sees a departure from a previous trend of ‘sadvertising’ otherwise known as: ‘Why am I crying so much at a John Lewis advert??’. Instead, the focus this Christmas is on nostalgia and heart-warming CGI characters including Paddington Bear, a fuzzy monster and the return of a special little carrot called Kevin.

Anyway, let’s get down to it; a definitive guide to the best Christmas adverts of 2017 and the Juggling Swords award for best Christmas advert – which, for the unaware, is basically like receiving an Oscar. Except more prestigious. JOHN LEWIS – Moz the Monster: 5/10

To kick us off we’re starting with probably the biggest name in Christmas adverts; John Lewis. This year’s ad features Moz, a giant fuzzy monster who lives under the bed of a young boy, who Moz later befriends. Don’t get us wrong, this advert was definitely cute but for a John Lewis Christmas ad we were left a little disappointed. Not amazing, not awful and gets a score of 5/10. Sorry Moz. ASDA – Best. Christmas. Ever: 6/10  

ASDA have gone for “Best. Christmas. Ever.” as their tagline this year but definitely fall short of having the best Christmas advert. A little bit bland and didn’t really make us think of Christmas but it does undoubtedly win the award for best soundtrack with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Don’t Stop’ saving the advert. ASDA gets a respectable 6/10. M&S – Paddington and the Christmas Visitor: 7/10

This year M&S have used their Christmas advert to tell the story of Paddington Bear and a Christmas visitor. Spoiler: It’s Santa. This is a solid Christmas advert that’s both heart warming and gets bonus points for nostalgia. Well done M&S, 7/10.

i want to buy viagra in chennai DEBENHAMS – You Shall Find Your Fairy-tale Christmas: 8/10

Debenhams makes the top three on our best Christmas adverts list with a modern retelling of Cinderella. The twist on the classic fairy-tale is narrated by the brilliant Ewan McGregor and is probably this year’s ad with the highest production value. Who needs a fairy Godmother when you’ve got the power of Twitter, eh? Great advert that tries something a little different, 8/10 for Debenhams. ALDI – Kevin the Carrot: 9/10

The unsung hero of last years Christmas adverts has made a spectacular return and this year has a love interest as well. We’re of course talking about the one and only Kevin the Carrot. We never thought we’d be so emotionally invested in the love-life of a vegetable but here we are. We can see Kevin and Katie being a staple of the ALDI Christmas adverts for years to come and will quite frankly be disappointed if next years advert doesn’t feature some baby carrots. ALDI gets second place with an impressive 9/10.

BOOTS – Show Them You Know Them: 10/10

As difficult as it was to give Kevin the Carrot second place, we had to give this year’s award for best Christmas advert to Boots. With a few adverts this year aiming to create a feeling of nostalgia, Boots have nailed it and have managed to take us back in time with the help of an 80’s classic ‘Only You’ by Yazoo.

This is a really heartwarming advert with a brilliant punchline which we won’t ruin for you, but has the best message of all the adverts – that after all, it’s the thought that counts. Well done Boots, 10/10.

You may have noticed some big-hitters being absent from our list, namely Sainsbury’s, LIDL and Argos, to name but a few – sadly, these guys didn’t quite cut the mustard to make our list. Better luck next year, guys!

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