How to incorporate PR into your content marketing strategy for 2018
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How to incorporate PR into your content marketing strategy for 2018

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It feels like only a few weeks ago when we were looking at what the key PR trends for 2017 were going to be or what could be the years 10 main digital and content marketing trends, but, alas, here we are; as we approach the end of 2017 it is time to look towards 2018.

Some businesses already incorporate their PR and content marketing strategies as one, and we at JS definitely agree with that concept, but some only choose one or the other, or even none at all!

This blog should benefit both parties as we anticipate the PR and marketing landscape in 2018 and why you need to work on your strategy now to have both practices in place.

Follow this guide on how to incorporate PR into your content marketing strategy for 2018 and watch your business enquires soar.

Content distribution channels

We all know that CONTENT IS KING when it comes to content marketing but sometimes people can feel that theirs just gets lost in the ‘noise’ of social media and Google ranking alike.

When working on your 2018 content calendar (we hope you have already made a start on this), consider outreach PR – contributing to other online media platforms.

Do you want to position yourself as an industry leader or has there been some recent development that could change or influence the lives of many? Then maybe write some content on it but distribute it out as an opinion piece to newsdesks, or similar, as well.

Your content is obviously king, but it can be syndicated out to other outlets, as well as being uploaded to your own blog/news section. Remember PR 101 – your tone and messaging, if you are sending work out ask yourself this: ‘’Would their audience find this informative and benefit them?’’ If so, send it on.

This technique works on all platforms, including digital marketing. Getting that backlink helps benefit your DA (domain authority) and increases your Google rank.

By incorporating PR into this content marketing strategy, you could see your content engaging with a much wider audience.

Brand personality

So, you’re working on what topics your company will cover this month on the blog and the content you will push on social media, but ask yourself this: What personality is your brand trying to convey to your audience?

Is everything written under the company name; do your staff join in with the content; or is everything voiced from the CEO?

Consumers and even likeminded businesses enjoy seeing that more than one person can hold their own when talking about a subject. We will always push our clients as thought leaders but that shouldn’t deter other staff members from contributing by highlighting their strengths.

This is where PR comes in to – add an author to published content and put up more pictures of happy staff on the social channels. Show depth, humility and a wide berth of knowledge that resonates throughout your whole organisation, but always keep one eye on tone and delivery.


Visualisation and video marketing is huge in the creative industries right now. Additionally, it is crucial that video is incorporated into your content marketing plan for 2018.

It is imperative that you conduct your brand in a positive light when you are posting a video story.

Consider Q&A’s with industry influencers, live streaming special occasions or monthly company roundups.

Additionally, if you are submitting a story to press consider adding a video. Media outlets love this as it works really well for them on social media. For you, it gives you more chance of getting your story published, adds more trust to your brand and can help add more key messages to the narrative.

If you need help with media relations or how best to conduct yourself on camera, speak to an agency who has experience in this field. *Hint – us.

Social media savviness

A lot of your content will probably be published on social media and will be proactively sourced and scheduled.

But that’s not to say that trends can come out of nowhere and this includes opportunities for your brand to catch the eye of unsuspecting social media users.

This technique of adding trending proactive PR into your content marketing strategy for 2018 can’t really be thought up much in advance. The skillset involved here is being savvy on social media and possessing that ability to be quick-witted enough to source that extra exposure.

Research how other brands are fast to react to situations but consistently portray themselves in a good light and don’t do anything to damage their reputation management (well, the ones that don’t feed off controversy. Our eyes are on you, Paddy Power).

PR and content marketing are two disciplines that are becoming fairly synonymous with one another, and we are seeing lots of brands asking us for a strategy to incorporate both of them as one for 2018.

Are you one of them?

Do you have one eye on 2018 and want to combine your PR and content marketing strategy moving forward? Speak to a member of the Juggling Swords team here for a free consultation.




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