Facebook update: What on earth is going on?
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Facebook update: What on earth is going on?

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Facebook update: What on earth is going on?

Facebook, as we all know, is the juggernaut of the social media landscape. Your content can achieve considerable reach and engagement from using this platform to promote it.

But what if that were to all change?

Facebook has recently rolled out a new trial in Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Bolivia, Guatemala and Cambodia aimed at separating business pages and personal accounts. What this means is, users in these countries have two newsfeeds to choose from when they log in to Facebook.

Facebook said in a statement to Mashable: ‘’We are testing two separate feeds, one as a dedicated space with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated space for posts from Pages.’’

This means that Facebook’s main feed is no longer accessible for Pages curating content through links, likes and shares.

Instead, Facebook will continue to offer businesses paid content/advertising to make it on to the user’s personal newsfeed, signalling a ‘pay to play’ movement.

Content Marketing

But what does this mean for content marketers, journalists and business owners in general?

Well, for starters, Facebook have recently announced that this is only a trial and they ‘’currently have no plans to roll this test out further’’. Fair, but then again why would you issue a trial without having any real aim of ending up in a situation where you would roll this new model out?

The truth of the matter is, we all knew Facebook would continue to develop and innovate in a way to get you to stay longer on the site, not to be redirected off it through ‘click-bait’ articles and, of course, make money from advertising. They themselves are a business after all.

As curators of content, we have to continue doing what we do best – making that valuable, relevant and interesting content, grabbing the attention of our audience now making sure that they stay focused on our social and web pages.

Facebook Update

What’s really interesting is the most recent Facebook update that we received over here in the UK (and in a variety of other countries). We already have a secondary newsfeed called Explore – the little rocket icon at the bottom of your newsfeed on your mobile – if you’re viewing Facebook on IOS.

Similar to the Instagram feature – well, Facebook does own Instagram after all – Explore shows you posts from Facebook Pages that you don’t follow but might be interested in. These posts can include photos, videos and articles.

You can see the theory involved here: With more content to explore and be entertained with, the longer you stay on the social platform – which ultimately is what they want.

Facebook Update Conclusion

So, that’s why this new trial doesn’t make much sense. There’s already a new function that has been released with the aim of staying on Facebook longer.

One outcome could be the addition of a further newsfeed. So, there will be three in total: Personal, Business and Explore?

That seems a bit much at first glance, but it is something worth bearing in mind going forward.

We all know how Facebook loves the addition of link-less photos and video, so it seems silly to demote that to a second feed. Do you think the huge successes of Tasty and Buzzfeed will take their content going to a secondary feed quietly? Highly doubtful, these are the types of engaging and entertaining content that most Facebook users yearn for.

There is, of course, an alternative angle – if a third feed arrives (or even the results from the trial in the aforementioned countries) this might reveal that our family and friends aren’t as interesting as we thought, so our attentions will go towards the brand generated videos and content anyway!

The new Facebook update and trial is definitely an interesting one and it deserves our full attention and respect. Like previously mentioned, Facebook is a business and its overall aim is to make money. But there’s already so many commanding media outlets on Facebook, can they really afford to segment them all?

We don’t think so.

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