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What your business should be doing this Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Aug 4, 2017 / by jugglingswords / In Business, Content marketing, News, Uncategorized / Tags: , , , / Leave a comment

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is finally here.

The tourists have descended in their masses and the city is alive with street performers, comedians and drama students pushing their simply wacky improv shows. And flyers. So many flyers.

The question is though, if you’re a business based around Edinburgh, what do you need to be doing this festival to get ahead and be seen?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Be different

Just like the thousands of fringe performers vying for your attention, if you want to be seen by customers this festival, then you need to do something a little different. It’s not enough to simply add an #edfringe tag to the end of your social media posts or tell your current audience that you’re excited for the festival.

Offer something new. Let the people of Edinburgh and its visitors know why they should go to you and not someone else.

Add a bit of your personality to your social media and don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and try something a bit unusual. Playing it completely safe just ensures you’ll go unnoticed. The best acts this Edinburgh Fringe Festival do things a little bit different to be noticed.

Engage with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Get involved. See what other people are doing during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and make sure to join the conversation.

Try and have some fun with the Fringe and get your staff along to a show. It’s a great way to reward your team but it also allows the opportunity to share content on social media that shows a more personal angle to your business.

Engagement is one of the core principles of content marketing. Be sure to be seen and heard and your business will be rewarded.

Content marketing

Now, this is the fun stuff.

Be clever and try to think of ways to get your business seen this Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Just like there are over 5000 acts this festival, each and every one of them will be vying for that extra exposure, you should be too.

But how?

You could try offering hints and tips about how to navigate the festival. This will go down a storm with consumers and will, in turn, help build that trust in your brand.

You could have landed yourself a couple of tickets to one of the hottest shows of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, but you’ve already seen it. Why not run a little social media competition aimed at driving engagement and reach for your brand? Put a little bit of paid social behind it and watch your numbers rise.

Blog. Blog again. And then blog some more. Be seen as a brand that actively welcomes the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and wants to get involved with it. The festival will be a hot topic this August, so produce content that resonates with it.

We at Juggling Swords love the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. What acts will you be seeing this August? For content marketing or PR tips this August, contact a member of our team here. Additionally, feel free to do drop us a line if you want some suggestions over what acts to see.


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