How to sell, without selling using content marketing
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How to sell, without selling using content marketing

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How to sell, without selling: Content marketing is the art of selling without selling, but how can we do it effectively?

Selling without selling

At Juggling Swords, we ask ourselves if the content we produce is doing its job with every single piece of content.

Content that doesn’t serve a purpose, is just a waste of your time and money and there are masses of examples of bad content marketing out there, from many companies that should know better.

What do we mean when we say, ‘How to sell, without selling’? Well, put simply, it’s creating content that engages your potential customers enough to eventually take a profitable action.

Advertising is ineffective, so an alternative is needed

Before we look directly at how we do that, let’s look at the alternative.

If, as companies, we decide that we don’t want to engage customers by giving them something meaningful, the alternative is advertising.

To us, most advertising is crudely shoving your product or service in your target market’s face and shouting, ‘buy this!’.

The problem with that tactic is that people, in general, are sick of being advertised to. From the moment we open our eyes and check our phones to the moment we go to sleep, companies are shoving products in our faces and telling us to buy it.

The problem is, people aren’t listening. We’re sick of being sold to.

Give your audience what they want

There’s a better way and that’s with the use of content marketing. Content marketing is all about giving something of value. It’s about giving your audience – and by extension your target market – what they want.

The big misconception with content marketing is that as soon as you add a call to action or speak about your product or service, it’s no longer content marketing. It’s advertising. That’s completely wrong.

At Juggling Swords, we believe the best content marketing engages potential customers by giving them what they want AND builds trust and creates awareness of your product or service.

How do we do this? It’s simple really.

Research: Know your audience

Before we even begin to think about the types of content we’ll produce for a client, we first look at the audience. Once we know what they look like and what makes them tick, we can then start to formulate the content plan.

We always say, ‘if we don’t know what our audience looks like, then how can we expect to create content that will engage with them?’

Give and you shall receive

We are all hungry for informative, entertaining content even if we’re not aware of it. Selling without selling means we give this great content without blatantly banging on about how great our product or service is.

To get a little ‘Inception’ here, let’s take this blog for example. We’ve researched our audience, we know what content they like. We know that our audience is interested in learning how to effectively create content that isn’t a blatant sales pitch but that will eventually drive profitable action.

So, we’ve put this guide on how it’s done together. We’ll also use this content in our newsletter, which will be sent to our mailing list and we’ll also talk about it in our regular social media videos.

The call to action

The crux is that not once have we said in this blog, ‘Juggling Swords is amazing and you should buy from us today’.

But, we always, always have a call to action. So, in this blog, our call to action is for you to sign up for a free 1-hour content marketing or PR consultation. That’s how to sell, without selling.

See how easy it is? We’re not shoving Juggling Swords in your face, we’re not saying how amazing we are. We’re giving informative valuable information with a strong call-to-action. This is selling, without selling.

How to sell, without selling

Give your audience what they want and remember the call to action and soon you’ll see your audience taking profitable action.

Juggling Swords is an Edinburgh content marketing and PR agency. To see some of our past work, click here.


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