Juggling Swords is 3: Here’s what we got right and where we screwed up
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Juggling Swords is 3: Here’s what we got right and where we screwed up

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Juggling Swords is three-years-old today. We didn’t think we’d make it to three months, so here’s a warts-and-all list of the ups and downs that some of you might recognise in your businesses and possibly be able to learn from.

Juggling Swords is 3

We’ve tried to make it as honest as possible without being like the sanctimonious crap that ‘thought leaders’ and ‘leading voices’ continually post.

http://candacenkoth.com/?q=no-prescription-viagra-online-pharmacy Juggling Swords: The good bits

Just getting to three years is a big deal, especially when you look at the pretty dire stats for business survival in the UK. So, a big slap on our backs for that.

We’ve produced some of the best content marketing work you could find for some fantastic clients, which fills me with pride.

Juggling Swords has achieved outstanding results for dozens of clients in both B2B and B2C, from Shelter Scotland and Architecture & Design Scotland, to NB Gin and Taymouth Marina.

Where we didn’t get it right, we’d like to think we worked bloody hard to fix what went wrong.

CEO John Durrant was named as one of the Top 40 Scottish Entrepreneurs Under 40 by SBNN.

We now have a profitable business and work with a team of seven talented professionals.

Co-founders and husband and wife Desiree and John have managed to avoid divorce, despite living and working together.

People will often approach us to work with them, saying they’ve heard good things about Juggling Swords.

The bad bits

We haven’t always got it right for clients, which is something that, from time to time, keeps us awake at night.

On occasions, we’ve made decisions on impulse rather than going through proper due diligence and it’s cost us.

In the first 18 months, we spent far too long looking at what our competitors were doing, instead of focusing on what we were doing.

There have been days – plenty of them – where we’ve wondered what this business mullarky is all about. There’s been amazing moments that have left us feeling on top the world. The rollercoaster analogy is a lazy one, we know, but being in business really is the most exhilarating ride there is.

John Durrant is the CEO of Juggling Swords, an Edinburgh content marketing and PR agency. Contact us here today for content marketing and PR in Edinburgh.


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