The future of content marketing, according to Juggling Swords
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The future of content marketing, according to Juggling Swords

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What is the future of content marketing? If you want to master it, you need to keep up-to-date with its changes because they occur constantly. Let us introduce you to the future of content marketing.

The future of content marketing

The future of content marketing: Video content

Video content will remain on the rise and you need to integrate it into your content marketing strategy (if you haven’t yet). Why? Well, videos get shared. A lot! Therefore, they drive greater customer engagement, and isn’t that what you need?

On top of that, video content is a great medium to improve your brand’s SEO. Search engines are building deeper understanding of images and this certainly favours videos in search results.

In two years, video content will account for 80% of all web traffic! If that’s not convincing enough, we don’t know what is. But keep reading, there’s more!

The future of content marketing

Live video

The future of content marketing is tightly related to live streaming. Live video’s primary advantage is that it leads to a more personal relationship with customers. You might be thinking “Video, live video – same thing…”. But actually, the difference is huge, because live streaming allows your viewers to interact in real time. That makes it a powerful tool. Don’t waste your time, go live!

The future of content marketing

Visual content

GIFs are fun, entertaining, easy to consume. Who doesn’t like them? Along with videos and live streaming, they demonstrate the increased interest in visual content rather than written. Are people getting lazier? Definitely! So we marketers must give our audience what it wants. In this case – visual content.

Did you know that people remember only 20% of the written content when there’s no visual elements? Visual content can also benefit your brand’s SEO, because as we mentioned – search engines are getting better at reading and analysing visual information.

The future of content marketing

Niche topics

You’ve probably discovered that blogging about stuff that everyone’s blogging about is pretty pointless. Addressing over-discussed topics is in your comfort zone? Get out, stand out! Why would people read your blog when there are plenty of others discussing the same topic?

Deep niche content is so much more likely to grab people’s attention and build the trust content marketing is all about. Show that you are more competent, more original, more reliable. Niche areas are what you should be focusing on in many cases, not following the crowd.

Long-form and short-form content

This is a very interesting trend. Forget about the balanced, neither too long, nor too short copy. The future content marketing tolerates nothing but two extreme content formats – either super short and to the point, or super long and in-depth.

Don’t just pick one of these forms though. The length should vary. Of course, you will need to judge when it’s appropriate to keep it brief and when to go into more detail. Don’t sum it up if it requires depth, or make it redundant if the information is pretty straightforward. Make sure it makes sense.

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