Five content marketing examples from brands that nailed it
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Five content marketing examples from brands that nailed it

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When it comes to creating a strong brand, content marketing is key so here are five content marketing examples from brands that nailed it.

content marketing eamples

Content marketing is now more than ever essential to creating a strong brand and helping businesses engage in a meaningful way with their customers.

We now find ourselves focusing on building relationships with customers through content marketing. Here are five kick-ass content marketing examples:

Content marketing examples

1: Innes & Gunn – IPA to India

Last Autumn Edinburgh based brewers Innes & Gunn launched their ‘IPA to India’ hitchhiking challenge, where Aussie Manny Marshall would hitchhike from Edinburgh to Delhi relying purely on the generosity of strangers and using just cans of IPA as currency.

With the Innes & Gunn blog essentially becoming a travel blog for the following weeks and their Instagram filled with pictures of Manny (and his cans of IPA) on his travels, Innes & Gunn brilliantly showed how to do content marketing right; by creating quality content that customers want to engage with.

2: Virgin Holidays – Seize the Holiday

This content marketing example made the most of all the tools at its disposal and in 2017. Live video plays an important role in a successful marketing strategy.

Virgin Holidays and their ‘Seize the Holiday’ campaign managed to incorporate live video brilliantly in their advertising and went on to win Marketing Week’s Campaign of the Year Award.

The campaign achieved nearly 17 million impressions from its promoted tweets and when the live advert was broadcast it achieved 838 web searches per minute.

content marketing examples

3: Budweiser- Get Home Safe

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to content marketing is that it’s not an opportunity to shove your product in the face of customers. It should be used to build relationships with customers.

Budweiser’s ‘Get Home Safe’ campaign, where the likes of Dame Helen Mirren were drafted in to encourage people not to drink and drive, is a perfect example of this. It’s not a call to action for people to buy Budweiser but is informative content used to engage customers. Hats off to Budweiser here.

content marketing examples

4: Paddy Power

When it comes to producing quality content, the Irish bookmaker reigns supreme and has been able to perfect walking the tightrope of making content that is controversial but perfectly pitched for its audience. Paddy Power shows us that it pays to not play it safe and the blog is one of our favourite content marketing examples; regular, quality content that resonates with the audience.

content marketing examples

5: Apple – Planet of the Apps

Of course, it wouldn’t truly be a marketing blog if we didn’t mention Apple and so at number 5 on our list comes the tech giants who last year in a poll conducted by Aesop were voted as the top story-telling brand in the UK.

Apple has had a complicated relationship with content marketing over the years, with the world’s richest company adhering to a policy of letting its customers be the content marketers.

However, the new TV show Planet of the Apps, reminiscent of Dragon’s Den, gives contestants 60 seconds to pitch ideas for apps to a panel including Will.I.Am and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Apple’s first foray in to producing original content, which will debut on Apple Music, shows that the biggest brands in the world are aware of how important successful content marketing has become.

Juggling Swords has lots of content marketing examples of its own. Interested in learning more about content marketing or PR? Contact us today.


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