Content marketing mistakes your company should avoid
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Content marketing mistakes your company should avoid

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Content marketing mistakes are everywhere. Too few people forget that it is about producing quality, relevant and consistent content to engage with your target audience and drive profitable customer action. Simple.

Content marketing mistakes

However, we often see businesses try their hand at content marketing but keep making the same basic mistakes.
Here’s a quick overview of the most common content marketing mistakes:

Content marketing mistakes: Failure to plan

A step in the process that is essential but often overlooked is planning your content marketing strategy. A well-planned content marketing strategy has a much better chance at success than making it up as you go along. Creating a content calendar in advance allows you to produce relevant content to a schedule with a specific audience in mind.

Expecting instant results

One of the most common content marketing mistakes a business can make with content marketing is expecting to see changes on the bottom line the very next day. It may not be what a business owner wants to hear, but the process takes time and can take months before results are seen.

It can take a while but content marketing is definitely worth the time and it’s crucial not give up after a week as the rewards will be worth it.

Too many calls to action

No one wants to feel like they’re constantly having a sales pitch shoved in their face so make sure not to litter your content with calls to action. That’s not to say calls to action aren’t important but in this instance, less is more.

One-way communication

The beauty of content marketing is that it helps a business to engage with its customers, but remember that conversations go in two directions. If your communication is always a one-way stream, then encourage your audience to interact and never miss an opportunity to talk to them, not at them.

Ignoring the basics

There’s three simple things to remember when producing content; make sure it’s quality content; make sure it’s relevant to the audience and make sure to produce on a regular basis. Quality, relevant and regular content builds trust and improves your SEO.


This is a content marketing mistake that should be avoided at all costs and involves a business making content that shoe-horns their product or service into an irrelevant trending topic.

It’s incredibly obvious and often cringeworthy to the audience. If your business is involved in construction, then you need to ask yourself if it’s relevant to wish everyone a happy Pancake Tuesday, for example.

Not measuring content results

Too many people do the hard work of producing content for their audience and then fail to test and measure the results of that content. Find out what works well for you and make improvements for your future content marketing. Remember – Google Analytics is your friend.

Inconsistent tone

Getting the right tone for your business is crucial with content marketing; if your tone is not authentic to the business then the audience will see through it. A common mistake is a lack of consistent tone between posts and this comes down to neglecting to properly plan your content marketing.

Talking about yourself all the time

If there’s one thing people hate, then it’s a brag. Content marketing isn’t about constantly telling your audience how great you are. You need to give them different content that’s valuable to them or else they’ll get bored and leave.

Playing it safe

This is a content marketing mistake a lot of business make but, to clarify, we’re not saying that a business needs to try and be controversial for the sake of it. However, a business that never pushes the boat out is susceptible to coming off as bland. If you’re producing content that you think is close to the line, then sometimes it’s better to take the risk and post it rather than to always play it safe and be known as boring.

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