Ten of the best free content marketing tools to help you succeed
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Ten of the best free content marketing tools to help you succeed

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Creating high-quality content is much easier when you know where to find the best free content marketing tools to help you succeed.

Best free content marketing tools

The problem is not everyone knows these exist or where to locate them. Luckily enough we have compiled a guide below detailing where to find these free (everyone loves free stuff) tools that can help propel your content marketing forward.

Best free content marketing tools: DROPBOX

A fairly sensible place to start. Dropbox is a free online storage tool that you can use to store and share your content. When you save data here you have a local version saved on to your computer and another up in the cloud.

It’s a tool that allows you to collaborate with others who have access to one of your folders – perfect when creating content for yourself or a client who also needs access to edit or contribute content.


Not completely confident when it comes to your grammar? This is where Grammarly comes in to play. This free app helps catch all those pesky mistakes and spell check misses.

Disclaimer: We don’t use this app because we are amazing at writing and stuff. But if you’re new to the game you might find it useful.


One of the best free content marketing tools out there. Adding creative and beautiful imagery to your content marketing is a must. It’s free with Canva!

You can create your own templates, infographics or mounted images.

Canva is a great tool to add that visual pizazz to your content marketing.


Speaking of images, maybe go a step further and create a GIF?

We’ve previously mentioned the benefits of adding GIFs to your content marketing and the rules still apply now. GIFs add that eye-catching and engaging aspect to your content marketing which can really help it get noticed.

Making them is super easy too. Simply, go to giphy.com and follow the onscreen instructions.

If you’re not brave enough to make your own, then there are thousands of stock GIFs – just use one!


Hootsuite really is the daddy of social media management and one of the best free content marketing tools.

It’s a must for all content marketers! The free version gives you three social media platforms, access to basic analytics and, crucially, basic message scheduling software.


It’s very simple but very effective.

Everyone has access to these trends – so take advantage of them!

You’re marketers! See what people are talking about and get involved in the discussion, showcasing your content and engaging with consumers!


If you upload your content to a WordPress site, then you are in luck!

Yoast is a free plugin you can install in WordPress which then allows you to see how your content’s SEO is performing.

As well as scoring your content, Yoast will point out what it might be missing. Yoast has got your back!


Do you send out a newsletter to a mailing list? No? Then you better start!

MailChimp is a fantastic free tool for all content marketing professionals to use as it allows you to showcase your content, right into the laps of your email subscribers.

If you’re worried that it’s not free, then fear not. Although there is a paid service, Mailchimp also provides a ‘Forever Free Plan’. This allows you to send up to 12,000 emails per month if you have fewer than 2,000 subscribers.

This is one to surely check out!


Stumped for content ideas?

Then check out Google trends to see what is, well, trending on Google.

This is a simple free content marketing tool which not only helps you have that eureka moment for a blog, but will also help more potential consumers visit your site because you are producing content about a trending topic.

Simple – do it!

Google Analytics

We ALWAYS talk about test and measure, folks! And what better software to use than Google Analytics?

The insights Google analytics gives you can improve both your content marketing campaigns and your business as a whole.

See what content works and what doesn’t.

Most of these free tools also have paid-for versions, which you might find are more useful for your company.

As an agency we don’t come free. But we’re always up for answering content marketing-related questions and helping out our friends in need.

Have we missed any free tools from our top ten list?

What free tools do you use to help your content marketing get results? Tell us!

Juggling Swords is an Edinburgh content marketing and PR agency. If you want to discuss your content marketing or PR for 2017, get in touch with us here.


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