Five things you should do before hiring a digital marketing agency for 2017
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Five things you should do before hiring a digital marketing agency for 2017

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Hiring a digital marketing agency in 2017? If you don’t already have an agency set in place for 2017, read on. If you have, read on anyway and ask yourself if your agency ticked these boxes.

It’s no surprise that more businesses are outsourcing their marketing to agencies. Whether it be content marketing, social media or PR – companies often need that little extra help from an agency.

But before diving in and signing up to that long-term contract with your new agency, double check to see if they meet the criteria we think is crucial for agency-client success.

Know your budget

Before you even debate hiring a marketing company you need to have a firm idea of how much money you are willing to allocate towards your marketing.

Your budget will determine the size and scale of the marketing campaign that the agency will put towards your brief.

If you are unsure of your budget, you will struggle for success. The marketing company will only tailor a brief to how much budget there is. The more budget, the more the agency can offer.

When you begin talks with the agency, be clear of your budget and see what costs and services they can offer you to match.

Set your KPIs

What does success look like to you?

You should know what you want to accomplish from hiring an agency. It could be more conversions from social media, stronger online content or more brand exposure. This is where KPIs come in to play.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, are measurable units of a marketing campaign. Utilising this method allows you to see how well a marketing strategy is performing.

Before signing a contract make sure you have your KPIs in place. This helps put in place what you want the agency to achieve.

An example of a KPI: ‘In the first three months I want to have an increase in web traffic of 25 per cent to my website’.

Who will be managing your account?

It might seem silly, but always ask this question. Sometimes, the person you have been meeting with might not be working on your account.

If the person you have been meeting with plans to be the lead on your account, do you trust them? Remember, it is your company and your company’s reputation that you have resting in the palms of their hands.

You don’t need to know every member of the company, and indeed who will be working on your account, just the important account leads.

Trust goes a long way in agency-client relationships. Always make sure you feel comfortable with who you are talking to.

What sort of experience does the team offer?

When hiring a digital marketing agency, ask yoursellf, does the agency, and the team they have set in place, offer you the correct industry experience you are looking for?

A good way of checking an agency’s credentials is to have a look back on their testimonials. This is usually a sure-fire way to see if they really can offer you what you require.

If the agency does have strong experience in your field, were they successful? If they were, they should be able to give you lots of details of how they absolutely nailed it previously.

When hiring an agency, you are also hiring experience, remember that.

Hiring a digital marketing agency: Do your research

Have a look over the agency’s success stories.

Have a look over what you can expect to receive after six months. This is key when hiring a digital marketing agency.

Ask your friends, families and clients of your own if they have had any experience with the agency you are talking to.

Invest some time exploring the agency’s social media channels, website and blog. Do you like what you see? Do you like their tone and the way they conduct themselves? You’re about to become affiliated with them, so that’s worth considering.

When deciding on an agency to assist you with your 2017 content marketing and PR strategy, it does not need to be a strenuous and time consuming task. Just follow our guide and the decision should become clear.

I mean, ahem… we can always help too.

Juggling Swords is an Edinburgh content marketing and PR agency. If you want to discuss your content marketing or PR for 2017, get in touch with us here.


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