End of an era for Juggling Swords
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End of an era for Juggling Swords

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It’s been another crazy busy week and I thought I’d take 10 minutes to share Juggling Swords’ big news – after two-and-half years in East Lothian we’re making a move to the big smoke, or at least, a little part of the big smoke, as we relocate to Leith.

As of January 4th, our new headquarters will be Giles Street, Leith, in Edinburgh.

There’s a few reasons behind the move but the main driver is that Leith is now, without doubt, the creative hub of Edinburgh and, arguably, the creative hub of Scotland.

As a creative agency, it just makes sense that we’re located in such an area and I’m really excited about the move, as are the rest of the Juggling Swords team.

End of an era

We’ve been an East Lothian-based company since we launched in May 2014 and Musselburgh has been a great place for us to grow the business from.

Those of you who know us will know that Juggling Swords has grown considerably over that period and I see this as just another milestone in the progression of the business.

In real terms, it’s a four-mile move into Edinburgh but in some ways, it’s a massive move. No longer will we get the response of, ‘Musselburgh, that’s a bit out of the way!’ from potential clients and we’ll be a lot closer to many of the people we work with every day.

The down side, of course, is that we’ll no longer be able to call ourselves an East Lothian company, which we’ve always been proud of.

We still have several East Lothian clients and I hope to continue our partnerships with them. They’ve all been notified of the move and have been incredibly supportive.

For the fantastic companies we already work with, it’ll be business as usual and there will be no noticeable change. We’ll continue to do everything we can to ensure they get the best content marketing and PR services possible.

More ingrained in the Scottish marketing industry

For us as a company, we think the change will be huge. Being based in Leith will make us more noticeable and more ingrained in the Scottish marketing industry.

The new Giles Street office is just what we’d been looking for. An open-plan setup with a private room for meetings etc.

An added bonus is Leith has some of Edinburgh’s best pubs and restaurants… not that we were thinking about that when we made the decision. Ahem…

Re-brand for Juggling Swords

The next piece of big news is that we’ve been working quietly on a re-brand and that’s now finished. Our amazing designer Jordan, in partnership with the team, has worked wonders and we’ve decided to roll that out in the same week as we move to Leith.

We think the new branding and our new base will be a sort of firecracker start to 2017. What’s the point in doing things by halves?

Thank you, East Lothian, you’ve been amazing.

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