How to produce a content calendar  
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How to produce a content calendar  

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Is your business or marketing department struggling with its content marketing? It’s bloody difficult isn’t it? One way to ease your content marketing pain is to create a content calendar.

You might already have a content calendar and if you do, then great! You might pick up a few nuggets of information from us at Juggling Swords.

If the idea of creating a content calendar fills you with dread, then never fear, Juggling Swords is here!

Okay, enough of the cheese. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1

Decide who your content is for

At Juggling Swords, we’re always banging on about the importance of knowing your buyer persona (sometimes called a customer profile). It’s vital that you know who your content audience will be because, guess what? That audience is a big segment of your potential customers (or, at least it should be if you’re running your content marketing correctly).

Buyer personas will guide you on who your audience is. To learn more about creating your buyer personas, follow our advice here.

Step 2

Decide what topics are most important to your audience

Now that you know what your audience looks like, it’s time to decide what great content you’re going to serve to them.

So many companies and marketing departments let themselves down and fail at content marketing because they don’t decide what they’ll be talking about as part of their marketing plans. It goes without saying that the actual topics are the bread and butter of your content calendar so spend plenty of time on this.

We didn’t just dream up this blog on producing content calendars today. Nope, it was actually part of our content calendar! We know that our audience – and potential customers – find this type of content useful so it made it into our content calendar. It’s not rocket science.

Don’t be ashamed to look at your competitor’s content to see what’s working for them. Okay, so that doesn’t mean ripping off someone’s else content but remember that there are very few completely original content ideas out there. Your job is to create engaging content, and if that means doing something that’s been done before, then that’s okay. Just do it better than your competitors do it!

Step 3

Decide what type of content to create and when

Content marketing isn’t just about blogging (although blogging is a massive part of it).

When we create our calendars, we usually do it from a blogging perspective but then we look at how a particular topic might work in other content forms.

For example, this blog will be the subject of a Facebook Live session and we’ll also use it on our weekly email newsletter.

Use your analytics to guide when to publish your content. When it comes to promoting on social media, you should be doing the same thing.

Remember, content marketing without the marketing bit is just content, and content that doesn’t get seen is a waste of everyone’s time.

Step 4

Test and measure

Once you’ve kicked off your content calendar, remember to test and measure. Was there a particular topic that went nuts in engagement? Great. What related content can you produce?

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