The brands who nailed their Halloween PR
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Spooktacular! The brands who nailed their Halloween PR

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With Halloween over zombies return to their graves and vampires to their coffins and we look at the most effective PR campaigns from this year.

Halloween gives brands a golden chance to be fun, creative and a little spooky. The beauty of this is that almost any brand can do it, all you need is a little creative spark and a team committed to making it happen.

So who was spooktacular?


Burger King dressed up as the ghost of McDonald’s

Now this one is a whopper.

A Burger King in New York decided it wanted to poke a little fun at a rival of theirs, McDonald’s, by dressing itself in a ghost-styled sheet over the building, labelled: Ghost of McDonald’s. Then, to rub salt in to the wounds, positioned a special sign that read: ‘Booooooo! Just kidding, we still flame grill our burgers. Happy Halloween.’

The beauty of this idea is its simplicity. It is literally a huge white sheet draped over their own building with a sign poking fun at a rival. Anyone could do this right?

Surely a contender for PR Halloween stunt of 2016.


Giffgaff ‘end the nightmare’

Love Halloween but hate the dressing up and getting ready part? Well, Giffgaff had you sorted thanks to a local salon located in the heart of Soho.

Aimed at helping people look Halloween make-up ready, the Halloween PR stunt encouraged people to avoid long mobile phone contracts. The network itself does not offer contracts and members are free to leave at any point.

People who got involved also got scary cocktails, a prop dress-up box and a scary soundtrack for the evening.


Airbnb make Dracula’s castle available to guests for one night

Do you usually sleep with your arms folded across your chest looking upright? Well, this might have been the competition for you.

Airbnb gave the opportunity for two lucky competition winners to stay in the reported inspiration for Dracula’s castle, Bran Castle in Transylvania.

The evening would begin with a horse drawn carriage ride, followed then by a candlelit ‘blood-enriching meal’. Guests would then be allowed to sleep in red-trimmed velvet coffins, just like Dracula himself. This will be the first time since 1948 that anyone has slept there.

To enter, people had to submit what they would say if they came ‘face to fang’ with Count Dracula. How about: ‘Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh’…?


Terror-ific tiger pumpkins go free at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo

Of course, we wouldn’t compile a list of best Halloween PR stunts without a campaign that happened in our very own backyard.

Edinburgh Zoo encouraged families and friends from across Scotland to carve their spookiest tiger pumpkins in partnership with their latest exhibit opening, Tiger Tracks – which showcased the zoo’s pair of critically endangered Sumatran tigers.

The scheme was available for all children under-15 to enter and to carve the specially themed pumpkins.

The campaign was a huge success, with more than 1,000 youngsters entering and given free admission on the day.

Again, the beauty of this campaign succeeding was the simplicity of how to execute it with an underlining message occurring throughout. In this case, it was to encourage people to attend the zoo and see the new exhibit by simply carving a pumpkin.

Were there any other Halloween PR stunts that caught your eye? If so, let us know.

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