Why you should be using GIFs in your content marketing
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Why you should be using GIFs in your content marketing

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It’s no surprise that video and animation are hot this year in terms of content marketing but one particular social tool is really catching the eye, GIFs.

GIFs (graphics interchange format) are particularly useful tools for encouraging engagement. They are essentially very short moving images, or animations, sometimes accompanied with a line of text – usually showcasing a reaction (we seem to be a nation that likes sass).

A GIF can be used effectively to reinforce a statement on social media that showcases your brand or company’s values but still captures the essence of the consumer.

GIFs have a variety of positive outcomes that give your social marketing strategy that new lease of life.

Encourage engagement

They add that element of humour, encourage engagement with your fans and they are incredibly easy to find, share and spread throughout the internet.


As with any kind of media, it’s important to consider first if a particular GIF is suitable for your audience. Sometimes, risqué content can be a good thing but if the result of posting a close-to-the-bone GIF is that you offend a large section of your audience, then that’s not great news.

Most social platforms offer the function to share GIFs now and Twitter even has a built in GIF tab, which allows you to easily add an animation to your tweet.

But what about if you want your own unique GIF?

Creating your own GIFs is incredibly easy but most marketers and small businesses assume it takes advanced editing skills. It doesn’t.

Making GIFs is easy.

There are a number of websites, such as GIPHY, which you can go to and play around with. Usually all it takes is to shorten down a video to a brief section of play.

Here’s a collection of some of our favourite GIFs of 2016 so far…

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