Why content marketing is fast becoming the only marketing
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Why content marketing is fast becoming the only marketing

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Content marketing guru Seth Godin once said that ‘content marketing is all the marketing that’s left’. We at Juggling Swords agree with him and here’s why.

Marketing, in general terms, comprises many different avenues that are available to explore. But none are more reliable, successful and engaging with consumers than content marketing.

The aim of a business that is using marketing is to attract, engage with and sell their services or product to a consumer. Companies want to see a worthwhile ROI. This is done by creating and sharing content that’s interesting and educational, or perhaps even, in some cases, just entertaining – this is content marketing.

Content can vary. Remember it’s not just blogs and social media content. It can include infographics, video, animation, podcasts, email newsletters, white papers and e-books.

Content marketing is also not a quick fix. It is a long-term approach that is used to attract and retain consumers. We best advise a minimum of six months of content marketing work before you really start to see benefits. Obviously, this can come sooner in many cases. It takes time to become a trusted thought leader and for content to resonate.

So, why exactly is content marketing fast becoming the ONLY marketing? Well, the answer lies in the results.

Increased exposure at a lower cost

Content marketing generally refers to online marketing now, although there are plenty examples of tangible content marketing out there.

Content marketing is typically a more cost effective way to market your company. It’s a form of pull marketing that seeks to strengthen awareness and ultimately convert leads to sales.

Increased web traffic

Content marketing is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website. If you’re enticing potential customers with great content on your website, they’re far more likely to buy from you.

Google also appreciates websites that are full of quality, relevant and regular content. If you are seen to be regularly updating content on your website your site has a far better chance to climb Google rankings. Regular content is now the prime way to maintain and improve your Google rank.

Building brand reputation and trust

It all comes down to trust.

Building reputation and trust can take months and be lost in a second.

To gain these two invaluable traits you must create content which best resonates with your audience. What are they most interested in and will this information be useful to them? Build rapport, answer questions and engage as much as possible with your followers.

Doing all of this will position your brand as one that is more interested in helping the consumer.

Your company’s marketing doesn’t need to be pushy and always trying to sell. Content marketing can help to get long-term buy-in from customers by building invaluable trust.

We don’t mean to brag but we understand content marketing inside out and upside down. If you’re thinking about giving it a go, drop us an email for a free consultation.


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