How to win positive PR for your company
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How to win positive PR for your company

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Public relations is one of the most effective marketing techniques used by companies and organisations today and positive PR can really help your business. In lateral terms, PR is a cost-effective technique used to help spread awareness of your company and/or services through means such as editorial or events.

If used correctly, PR can propel your company to new heights. In a world where publicity is everything, competition between brands is fierce, and trust between consumers and companies is crucial, PR is the real cornerstone of every great product or service.

It’s vital to get PR absolutely nailed. Get it wrong and sometimes the damage to your brand is completely irreparable.

Here are five tips on how to win positive PR for your business.

No story? Don’t bother

It sounds silly but this is true. If you don’t have a story or anything really deemed ‘newsworthy’ then don’t bother. Don’t waste time over it and, more importantly, don’t waste journalists’ time over it. Journalists are busy people and if you are emailing press releases to them every other day with unrelated content then you run the risk of losing any potential relationship there. So, when the time does come around that you have something newsworthy, well…

Get involved

We always advise companies to get involved with what is going on around them. Get involved with local communities, talk to charities and look to help create a better environment with everyone – this is simple CSR (corporate social responsibility).

If you are seen to be active and wanting to help others, this will only help enhance your public image and, in turn, help build that trust. Trust is good, we like trust.

Company growth

Is your company doing well? Have you smashed your yearly turnover? Have you opened up a new office? Have you made some important new key hires? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then let people know about it. Let people know how well you are doing as a company.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a key PR tool used in editorial. Consider yourself to be an expert in your industry, or are you up to date with the current trends and technology? Then tell the world. Some of the most read publications in the UK, with whom we hold close ties to, love receiving these industry voices and opinions.

Be social!

Get your company on social media. This is a great platform to inform your followers, and beyond, just exactly what you are doing, where and how others can get involved.

At Juggling Swords, we advise clients to get themselves on social media, publish relevant content (we can help with that) and engage with the public.

Social media is such a key component of PR and marketing and if it’s used properly, you could really enhance your brand’s image.

Conversely, if used incorrectly, you run the risk of the world seeing that.

Be social, but be wise.

Got something people need to know? We can help

These are just a handful of PR tips and ideas that can be used to start you off. We at Juggling Swords have journalism, events, PR, digital and content marketing experience.

Think you need that little bit of PR exposure? Talk to us today for a free consultation and expert advice.


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