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Your business is awesome, but is your content? Jul 4, 2016 / by jugglingswords / In Business, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Uncategorized / Leave a comment

Awesome content

Awesome content doesn’t just come from thin air (that might come as a shock), no matter how amazing we think we are! It takes careful planning and several steps to get it to its finished product.

At Juggling Swords, we believe in quality, regular and relevant content, whether this be social media, blogs, videos or newsletters.

Creating compelling content that builds trust in your potential customers is not easy.

One question we all always start with is, do you know your audience? Your audience is your potential customers. If you don’t know who they are, then how can you possibly know how to reach them?

Great content cannot be created without research. Spend time on this stage. Rush it at your peril. Do you want to produce content that people might actually want to consume or are you simply adding more noise to the web?

After all your research you need to actually produce your content. For a blog we would suggest no less than 300 words and no more than 600.

Between 500-600 words is usually an ideal length to explain all your points without rambling on too much. Keep it concise and informative, still keeping your targeted audience in mind.

Content marketing without shareability is just content. Social and digital platforms will allow you to serve your content to a defined audience.

Where should you promote your content comes down to several factors, but the biggest question is, where is it going to get the best engagement?

Frequency is also a massive consideration when promoting your content. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is that they don’t do enough to promote their latest blog. Of course, overkill is just as big a mistake. It’s about striking a balance.

On average 10,554 tweets are sent per second and so far today there has been just under 570 million tweets! Crazy statistic, isn’t it?

Should you boost posts and set a paid social budget? Absolutely. It’s vital now.


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