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Why planning content marketing is crucial

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Planning content marketing Juggling Swords

Planning is important in just about everything we do in business but we at Juggling Swords want to explain to you exactly why planning content marketing is absolutely crucial.

If you run your company or perhaps you oversee your firm’s marketing department, you probably already know that content marketing is fast becoming an essential part of your marketing strategy.

So you already know just how important it is and that’s fantastic! What happens next can have a profound effect on the success of your content marketing. What are we talking about? Planning of course!

Look before you leap into content marketing

All too often we see businesses taking the leap into content marketing without any real strategy or planning. We can’t stress this point enough: planning content marketing is a massive, massive part of it.

It’s just too involved a process for there not to be a solid plan. See it as a sort of road map for where you want your content marketing to take your business.

Of course, if you’re in your company’s marketing department then you’ll be no stranger to planning (we hope!) but this might be a new experience for you if you’re running a small business yourself.

One of the main reasons that content marketing relies on solid planning is because it’s such a long game. Content marketing purists will tell you that it’s not a campaign. It’s a continuous process that you never really complete, and we at Juggling Swords adhere to that philosophy.

Content marketing takes so many forms, across so many platforms and can be executed in so many different ways. Trust us when we tell you that if you try it without thoroughly planning first, you’ll become disillusioned and frustrated and will eventually give up on it because you won’t see the results.


That’s another big reason for planning content marketing; it takes time and commitment from businesses before they’ll see the results. That’s just the nature of the beast. At Juggling Swords, we always tell our clients that content marketing is not a silver bullet or a quick fix to increase sales.

It’s about building trust in your audience – who are also your potential customers – and that doesn’t happen overnight.

The big questions

So, before you dive into content marketing and start creating tons of content, ask yourself this: “Do I know who my customers are? Will this content engage them? Am I producing the right kind of content? Is this the best place to share this content? Is the content frequency enough?”

If you have the answers to all of these questions (and a whole lot more) then you’ve probably planned your content marketing properly.

If you can’t answer them, it’s time to get planning!

No time for planning content marketing? No problem! Juggling Swords is an Edinburgh digital and content marketing agency that delivers results for a range of companies throughout the UK and beyond. Contact us here for a chat over a coffee.


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