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Why you should be using live video for your business (and how to do it)

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Facebook Live

Live video is taking over the world and it’s easier than ever to do, so why aren’t you? Before you hit me with the excuses, I’ll save you the bother, and tell you it’s because you’re a little scared of it aren’t you?

Marketing your business in the digital world has never been easier, we’ve never had it so good, what with all the incredible tools at our disposable and the new live video options have raised the bar once again.

I’ll put it simply: If you’re not using live video for your business now, you have to start… like now.

Why? Lots of reasons really but here are the main ones:

People are lazy and love video

As someone who’s passionate about the power of blogging, I have to admit that your average person is far more likely to respond to video than they are to a beautifully written blog piece at the first time of asking.

Where blogging and articles are fantastic at reinforcing brand messages to an already engaged audience, video can often hook people that might not necessarily follow a link to a blog or even open an instant article. People are lazy, deal with it. Sometimes, if people won’t go to the content (like your website) then bring the content to them (a live video in their social newsfeed).

It’s instant and easy to do

Up until quite recently, the options for live video casts were pretty limited. But, thanks to apps like Periscope and, even more recently, Facebook Live, all you need is your smartphone and an app and you can be streaming live to the world. It really is that easy.

It opens up your audience

Often your company’s social media is restricted by your following (audience) size but with live streaming – especially with Facebook Live – you can open up your content to a far bigger audience. In fact, anyone with a Facebook account has the ability to view your content.

So, there can be absolutely no doubt that you need to be using live video for your business. But how do you do it? What is worth streaming? Here are just a few ideas:

Behind the scenes

It probably won’t seem that interesting to you, but people have a genuine interest on what goes on behind the scenes at your business (it’s called nosiness) so show them! This works best if you’re a producer of something exciting or delicious.

One of our clients is an award-winning distillery so that, naturally, lends itself to compelling behind-the-scenes content.

Even if you think your business isn’t that interesting, there will be people who want to see who you work and what you do. Try it!

Host interviews/talk to a special guest

Interviews are a great way to create compelling, engaging live video content. Are you your company’s CEO? Get one of your team to interview you about what you do, or perhaps talk about big news.

Positioning yourself as a ‘thought leader’ (I hate that term) is a great way to build trust in your brand.

Stream your events live

Maybe you’re having an open day or there’s an event to celebrate a company milestone. If so, that’s exactly the kind of thing you should be streaming live!

Live video is an incredibly way to market your business and you’re only limited by your imagination so get creative and have fun doing it. You might be surprised by the results.

John Durrant is the CEO and co-founder of Juggling Swords, an Edinburgh digital and content marketing agency.


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