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The one thing that you need for customers to buy from you and why the hell so many businesses overlook it

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source link There’s so much noise and advice out there – most of it complete crap – about what you need to sell lots of stuff and get rich quick. I’ve read plenty of it online, listened to many presentations from lots of people who cannot wait to tell you how successful they are, and had it thrown at me first hand. All this advice is great if it’s good but the vast majority of it is not sadly. The internet has allowed all of us to have a voice and position ourselves as experts on everything and anything you could imagine. Most of this is not worthy of your time but those who invest in quality content… Well, those guys will get listened to. But we’re always banging on about quality content. We’re a content marketing agency so we should. Let’s put that to one side just now. Of all the theories and data and expert analysis and other associated rubbish out there, there is one thing that very few people consider when developing brand strategy and considering marketing plans. It is routinely overlooked yet it is so fundamental to consumer activity –especially online – that without it your chances of a sale are massively reduced.

where to buy Autodesk Mudbox 2015 Trust. How many businesses actually consider how important consumer trust is to their business? I don’t just mean in a pragmatic sense. We all know that online merchants have to have watertight security, encryption, da-da-da-da. That’s a given today.

click here But have you ever thought about the consumer’s thought process as he or she sits with the laptop or smartphone in the evening? Will they buy or won’t they? Will they book you? Trust is what will seal the deal.

What influenced that decision? If they’ve never heard of you, how can they trust you?

Reviews are wonderful to help earn that trust but research shows that they are less effective for winning long-term buy-in from customers.

To win that trust you need to give something away for free. What!? That’s crazy, I hear you say.

Well, it’s the truth. Deal with it. You’re not going to give away product or your service. You’re going to give away content.

Content marketing excels in winning long-term business. I would go as far as to say it isthe most effective way to get your customers in for the long haul.

This quality content that you produce – be it blogs, infographics, newsletters or stupid videos of cats falling off sofas – is going to build trust in your potential customers.

When the day comes that you knock on Customer A’s door or send him or her out an offer by email, chances are they will buy because… you guessed it, they trust you.

Without trust, there can be no love (please don’t ask why I’m quoting an awful line from the equally awful movie Moulin Rouge). You get the idea.

Think about what your customers want and then think about how producing great content and giving it to them for free will build trust and ultimately win you more long-term business.

John Durrant is the CEO of Juggling Swords, an Edinburgh digital and content marketing agency. Talk to him today about improving your digital, social media and content marketing.


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