Five content marketing myths blown out of the water
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Five content marketing myths blown out of the water

Apr 10, 2016 / by John Durrant / In Business, Content marketing, Digital marketing, Social media, Uncategorized / Tags: , , , / Leave a comment

Content marketing is buzzing right now but there’s an awful lot of rubbish written and repeated about it so here’s our top content marketing myths.

Content marketing myths

So let’s set the record straight. Here are five content marketing myths that Juggling Swords would like to blow out of the water. We would have said “five content marketing myths debunked” but how often do you see “five whatever myths debunked”? Headlines matter…

Content marketing myths: It’s all about Google rankings

Now before all the SEO experts start getting all excited about Google and its importance, we know. We agree but there’s a big but here (we love big butts).

Content marketing is not a strategy for satisfying Google. It’s a strategy for satisfying your audience.

Of course, the way we execute our content marketing strategy should satisfy Google’s rules. We want Google to find us, obviously. But one of the best ways to become a friend of Google is to become a friend to your audience.

Quality content will be lapped up by your audience and it will help to expand that audience. Google wants to give its users the best results, so if you’re consistently producing and sharing good content, Google will reward you for it.

Keywords and back links are important but quality content can work wonders for your Google rank.

Content marketing is all about digital

Everybody gets so wrapped up in digital marketing that they forget that online is not the universe, even if it does feel like it sometimes.

You probably want the bulk of your marketing efforts to be digital, but if it’s your only focus you could be missing out on a huge audience.

Ever thought about producing a special publication or a report that’s relevant in some way to your industry? No? Well you should. Tangible content marketing strategies can be an extremely effective way to target another audience that you might not necessarily get to otherwise.

Content marketing is the latest fad and will pass

Well that’s the stupidest damn thing we ever heard! It’s one of the biggest content marketing myths. Content marketing has been around for decades, centuries even. The revered Michelin Guide could be the greatest piece of content marketing ever devised and that was in 1900!

The tyre manufacturer needed to create more demand for cars so that they could sell more tyres. So they launched the Michelin Guide to showcase the best restaurants and hotels in France to motorists and created more demand for cars… and their tyres! Can we get a “voila”?!

Content marketing is only for big businesses

Oh no, no, no. Content marketing is absolutely ripe for small and medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. Why? Because no matter how big or small you are, it’s vital now that you are talking to your customers AND potential customers.

Content marketing allows you to do it in a way that talks WITH your customers and not AT them, like some traditional forms of marketing do.

Take blogs for example. A well-written, informative and entertaining blog is way more cost-effective than a traditional advert, regardless of the medium.

Not only that, it helps your potential customers to trust you, and once people trust your brand, they buy from you and, as research proves, stay with you for the long haul.

My business is too boring for content marketing

If you think your business is too dull to engage an audience through content marketing, you’re not thinking outside the box. Maybe it’s you that’s too dull!

Let’s say you own a company that makes shoelaces (no idea why that cropped up as an example but let’s roll with it). Shoelaces are pretty dull, yes, but content marketing isn’t about creating blogs and videos about the product you sell all the time.

It’s about engaging an audience who might buy your shoelaces with something that they find entertaining. Do that and there is a good chance they’ll buy shoelaces from you when the time comes.

Wow, that was a terrible analogy. Does anyone actually buy shoelaces these days? You get the idea though.

John Durrant is the CEO of digital and content marketing agency Juggling Swords. Talk to him today about how they can supercharge your content marketing and social media.


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