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The emotions behind Christmas marketing success

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Halloween has come and gone, along with bonfire night and that could only mean one thing…Christmas is coming!

To confirm that, John Lewis released its ever-so-anticipated Christmas advert at 8am on Friday on YouTube and its own website.

Christmas is a make or a break time of the year for all retailers, due to it obviously being their biggest selling opportunity.

From now until the big day, they have to market successfully in order to gain their potential customers and make the profit they’ve been dreaming of all year.

One way they do this is though the iconic Christmas adverts and John Lewis has succeeded in this hugely throughout the years.

This is where content marketing comes as a hidden gem. For the past five years now John Lewis haven’t advertised their own products in Christmas adverts, and this tradition has been kept for this year’s ‘Man on the Moon’ advert. The huge push to digital promotion is also more evident with each passing year.

The videos grip the hearts of the nation by telling a simple yet beautiful story, pulling on emotional strings that remind everyone of what Christmas is all about – family, giving and love.

In turn the emotional, nostalgic feelings that viewers are reminded of create a bond with that story and thereforethe brand, tempting them to buy from that particular store more than any other.

Here are a few previous Christmas campaigns that have brought tears to all our eyes. Yet the advert itself hasn’t been a product orientated advert due to the company not showcasing any of their products but told a heart-warming story instead.

Sainsbury’s – Christmas is for sharing

This personally is my all-time favourite Christmas advert. It was released by Sainsburys in association with the Royal British Legion last year. If you didn’t cry or feel one bit of emotion towards this advert then you must have a heart of stone!

Based around the story of WW1 trenches on Christmas day, this film follows the events of the German and English trenches meeting in No Man’s Land on Christmas Day.

John Lewis – Monty the Penguin

How could we not feature this one!? The iconic John Lewis Christmas advert of last year which definitely pulled on the heartstrings. This adorable story followed the life of a young boy and his penguin friend who longed for love.

As the days grew closer to Christmas the penguin grew sadder but on Christmas Day the little boy bought his fluffy friend the gift he had been waiting for, a female friend to love.

I won’t ruin this if you haven’t seen it, but the ending where the penguin’s true identity is revealed is where the tears start rolling!

Sainsbury’s – Christmas in a day

This is another beautiful one from Sainsbury’s where they do not showcase their products.This time the video shows real life clips of real families preparing for Christmas and the events that happen on Christmas day itself.

From buying the tree to opening presents, it is light-hearted and shows the humour and happiness of Christmas.

So remember, it’s all about the content!

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