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Happy birthday to us… Juggling Swords turns one!

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We’ve been so damn busy creating amazing content and managing social media for our clients recently that we haven’t had time to mark Juggling Swords becoming one-year-old!
The official birthday was actually on May 30th so it’s taken almost a month to get round to this blog. But our clients come first, so that’s why we’re just getting round to it now. Does that cut it as an excuse? Probably not, but hey-ho.

Now is probably a good time to reflect on our first 12 months as the best wee content marketing agency in Scotland… we’re talking about us, by the way.

The last year has been epic. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve moved offices, we’ve hired, we’ve loved, we’ve lived yada yada. You get the idea. It’s been exciting and scary and a steep learning curve at times but now we’ve found our feet and they feel lovely!

We now have an impressive bank of fantastic clients and we’ve moved into sectors that we’ve never worked in before – alternative medicines and technology recruitment to name but two.

We’ll try to skimp on the self-indulgence here but we will say that it gives you the warm and fuzzies when you go to events or networking evenings and people there have actually heard of you! Self-fives all round!

It might not sound like much to anyone who works for or owns a well-established company but when you start a digital agency from scratch you have to shout pretty loud and fight pretty tough to get your name out there.

It’s a good feeling when it starts to happen.

Getting to one-year-old doesn’t sound like that much of an achievement but when you consider that almost half of UK companies go belly up in their first year, we’re rather chuffed to be going strong at this stage.

So what’s next? Well, the rest of 2015 should see Juggling Swords take on its first digital marketing modern apprentice (watch this space) and conclude deals that will see the agency overseeing content marketing and social media for some very well-known brands (again, watch this space).

Yes, Juggling Swords is pretty pleased with itself and so it should be, it’s done a lot in its short life.

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