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Live tweeting an event: Here’s how to do it

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source link Not long ago social media wasn’t even considered a tool when planning events but now it’s an essential part in putting on a show that people will talk about for the right reasons.

discount Autodesk AutoCAD Inventor LT 2010 Most businesses are now pretty good at promoting events in the run up but they neglect to invest time and resources into live social media. This is a big mistake and a missed opportunity.

go site Why should you do it? Well, it’s all about reach. The people who are attending your event are likely to share the content you produce during the event but, perhaps even more importantly, those who are not there get to stay “in the loop” and still feel part of what you are doing. Recently, the Juggling Swords team managed the live social media for NB Gin when they served their gin at the Brit Awards After Party in London and it was a great success.

here We’re a good bunch, so we thought we should share with you some of the tips that helped us.

Don’t lose your head over hashtags

see A lot of our clients get very anxious about hashtags but there’s really no need. There are millions of examples of companies creating hashtags that miss the mark. Hashtags make your event easier to find and allow people to join the conversation.

go If your company is going to be part of a far bigger event then it pays to use the event’s own hashtag. There’s no point in being vain and creating your own hashtag that nobody is going to use.

go to link Decide on your hashtag before you even start promoting your event and include it in all of your promotional content, both digital and tangible.

Assign a social media manager or agency

Most SMEs won’t have a dedicated social media manager but for a live event you need one. If you don’t have the resources to give someone that job for the day, assign an agency like Juggling Swords, they’re freakin’ awesome…

Keep the content going

During your event, you want to continue a constant stream of good content. Real-time photos from the event, commentary on what’s happening, good little soundbites from speakers and funny content are all great for engagement.

During our Brit Awards event for NB Gin, there was always lots to talk about (like Madonna falling off the stage) and plenty of great pictures of celebrities to Tweet.

Make your Twitter audience feel that you have your finger on the pulse and that they are part of your event.

Talk to your audience

If you’ve promoted your event properly, you’ll have lots of engaged followers tweeting about it. Make sure you share the love and talk to users who are tweeting on your hashtag. It will help to increase your reach and keep the conversation going.

It’s not over when it’s over

Your event might finish at 5pm but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hit the bar and high five each other on a job well done. Chances are there will still be people who want to know more about your event. Write a review blog, you could even include some of the best tweets from the event.

John Durrant is CEO of Juggling Swords – an Edinburgh-based digital and content marketing agency. Contact him today for more information.


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