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Finding the sweet spot with your audience

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Finding the sweet spot with your audience

Most businesses understand how important social media is to their marketing efforts but many struggle with frequency.

Let’s make the bold assumption that every business out there is producing great content – a ridiculous proposition but let’s roll with it for this – so now we have to get people interested in that content.

You’re your own publisher and that’s a fundamental point to content marketing but reaching your audience is tricky through social media channels.

The biggest question we face, once we get the content sorted, is how often to post stuff through our social media channels.

The short answer is it’ll be slightly different for each business. What you are looking to do is find the sweet spot and this takes time.

Bear in mind that every social media platform has a different algorithm for how content reaches your audience. In the case of Facebook, their controversial changes make it increasingly difficult for organic marketing to succeed.

The bottom line is, without spending money, your chances of hitting the masses on Facebook are pretty slim.

For this reason, many companies have abandoned Facebook in their social media marketing strategies.

This isn’t to say that your company should take the same route, but it is important to keep realistic expectations on Facebook.

Whether you’re hitting Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ or whatever, have a look back before you go forward.

Look over your data for a previous month and pay close attention to reach and engagement through all those channels.

Once you have an average from that, it makes it much easier to set targets and, hopefully, achieve them in future months.

The old (in relative terms) adage that two to four posts every day isn’t completely wrong. But there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.

Frequency is less important than the quality of the content you’re channelling through social media.

Remember that sadly only a small percentage of your fans and followers will actually see each individual post so it’s unlikely that they will feel bombarded by what you’re saying, which is a common concern for many businesses using social media.

Test, test and test again. This is time consuming and requires a fair amount of patience – two virtues that business owners don’t always possess.

That’s where companies like us come in. We can do that work and create the content that will drive people to your website.

Another vital point to consider is what content is working for you and what isn’t. Ideally you would only ever want to post content that goes viral. But, of course, that just isn’t possible.

However, a little bit of research through social media analytics and insights and you’ll find the hard data behind what content has a viral edge for your business.

The reality is, there are certain disciplines that must be adhered to in social media marketing but there is certainly no quick fix to improve social media engagement.

It’s absolutely critical that you get your content in shape first though, then you can worry about channelling it through your social media platforms.

Please, please, please do not continually post irrelevant and dull content through social media. These platforms offer you a fantastic opportunity to talk to your existing and potential customers so don’t waste it by talking about your cat.

By all means, if your company is known for being a bit quirky or outrageous then feel free to post in a way that will resonate with your target audience but just don’t turn people off.

John Durrant is the CEO of Juggling Swords, an Edinburgh-based digital and content marketing agency. Talk to him today about improving your digital, social media and content marketing.


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